Monthly Archives: February 2011


I just love it when you have to change your status on some social networking site like Facebook. So we are single, in a relationship, married, divorced, widowed. But I would like to see some different statuses:

  • homicidal
  • suicidal
  • academically challenged
  • socially disturbed
  • in a orgasmic quandry
  • ready to exterminate the next bozo who pisses you off.
  • fucked up beyond all recognition
  • in a self-pleasing moment, so don’t bother me.
  • watching a horror film with you as the sacrificial lamb.
  • In a circle jerk right now, leave a message at the beep!

Now if Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook ever reads this blog, and asks me to use these. Son is gonna be paying me big time. Psych!


Morons in one place

Never noticed how many freaking morons are in a single area. Makes me want to scratch my head and say hmph! I don’t know why. Maybe it is the infusion of lost souls, lack of education, too many years abusing drugs and booze that is slowing down their mental pathways. Or are they just freaking ignorant from the getgo. Welcome to Fall River, Massachusetts. Ignorance capital of New England. (Plus the drivers suck big time here)

Last week

Last week, I pick this couple up. Normal Saturday night. But not really, it was the female’s birthday. A special moment in anyone’s life, being a year older. But she was crying her eyes out. Her boyfriend, or should I say, “a worthless piece of crap” was making the situation worse, by wanting to go out to another bar and get more drunk. She is an emotional train wreck, or to be more modern “a hot mess”. Is still crying her eyes out and wanting to go home and sleep. I really don’t blame her. But the guy, OMFG! How anal can he be. This is her special day and you are being a real asshole. He isn’t consoling her in her moment of weakness, all he wants to do is get more drunk. WTF! Sometimes, I feel that certain people don’t deserve to be in relationship.

I am no Oprah or Dr. Phil, but some people just don’t realize being in a relationship expert. But if you have a significant other that is in emotional distress, attend to his or her needs and put yours on the backburner. Sometimes I feel like guys actually should take a course on dating 101. But nonetheless, I did the right thing by handing her a napkin so she could wipe her eyes and actually stop the mascara from running more than it was at the time.


The wierd thing is about my vocation, too much friggin’ drama. I really have to have a chuckle about it. Like in every job there is always a cast of characters that makes the day go or just want to make you dive into the deepest chasm and rot until you become a sack of bones. I personally, don’t need the drama in my life. I just tell these guys, “I don’t really give a flying fuck!” Sometimes you just have to take a stance on stuff. I am here to work and that is all. Not for nothing, the drama isn’t really drama, but more of a session of bitching and moaning about shit that really isn’t pertaining to the workplace.

Since September of last year, I have heard so much drama that actually makes me laugh. Rumor mill is working overtime and sometimes these drivers really don’t know how to just worry about themselves. Me, personally, I am now really taking the “I really don’t give a ‘rat’s ass’ stance” on the overdramatics with the situations at the dispatch office.

I just go out there to do a job… Answer the radio, pick up the cheap ass mofo who refuses to tip, drop that same asshole off and tell dispatch that I am cleared for a price and go on to the next job. Plain and simple. It isn’t rocket science, it’s cab driving…