Monthly Archives: September 2011

She never knew…

I just love it when I tell a woman what I do for a living. And there she goes, off like a prom dress. Yes, I am a taxi driver. I am damn fucking proud of what I do for a living. I have met many fine people in this line of work. I don’t consider them passengers but actual new friends that I will be sharing more than just a ride but life experiences.

To the ladies, I meet in a bar or a club that walk away from me. You just lost a decent guy who is more than what he is….


They still trying to figure me out… :))

Since my last blog, I got somewhat of a promotion (or demotion as the other drivers at this company say). So these cats, I am working with are trying to figure me out. Well, I have that tendancy of keeping tight about my private life outside of work. It feels good to have them squirm and try to understand my frame of mind. It’s a form of mind games, I like to play with these people. With a few of these people, fuck most of them I have developed trust issues with these people. So my job is to transport medical cases to kidney centers, doctor appointments and the oh-so wonderful methadone clinics for 12 to 14 hrs a day. If they want to to know me, they have to understand my work ethic.