I realize that this year is going to be a tough year. I do have many decisions that I have to make. I have been wanting to get away from everything that defines New England.

I know that this job I am doing is totally wrong, I have bigger fish to fry and maybe one day in this year I am going to find something that will make me happy!



Living for 40 some odd years, I lived somewhat of a sheltered existence. Never knew what an addict was and how society looks down on them. Why? I realize that people have the moral tendancies of no acknowleding that stigmatism.

Addiction is something we all have in one way or another. Drugs, alcohol, sex and many other vices. But the main thing is drugs… Heroin, crack and crystal meth are in today’s society. People try to hide tthis shit but nonetheless, it will always come to surface.

Doing this service in Fall River, I talk to these people who painstakingly go to these clinics religiously to help them get better and try to overcome that glass ceiling and literally touch the sun.



The GATRA clients that I deal with are so freaking demanding. I somehow have to kiss their asses. If I don’t, they can call and tell them I cannot ride them. This is totally bullshit. These are people that are getting free rides to the Methadone clinic, dialysis centers and medical appointments. They get a little greedy! It is so wrong!

One client I used to pick up, one day demaded that I drive fast to her fat ass to her clinic and get her an iced coffee. I didn’t drive fast or get her an iced coffee. It isn’t in my mandate to do. She got mad, so she calls up the boss and tells her that I was speeding. Which was totally bullshit. Unfortunately, the owner who doesn’t back up her drivers believes the client. Now that is a load of bullshit. I hate to say this about this woman, she has no sense of honor to her employees, but to the allmighty dollar.

But the really screwed up thing is the company that gives us the work really wants to strip the company of all the work. So she is kissing the clients ass. Totally, wrong. Without the GATRA, this company could go under. Maybe, they need to loose everything and start over again. But nonetheless, GATRA clients have carte blanc to do anything they want.

Lying and cheating

I have been chatting with women online lately and most of these women want money. This is total bullshit. I know that these individuals are scamming me. But nonetheless, I am getting sick of the crap they are giving me. My message to them is get a fucking job and support yourself. I am not supporting you for no reason at all.

I know this one, Enny Douglas of New York. Supposedly her mother is getting an operation. She needs money to pay for it. You think I am going to get money. Not a snowball chance in hell. First and foremost, she doesn’t even exsist. I have done my investigation on her. There is no Enny listed in the national database or anywhere else in the world. Plus she called me on a telephone number based out of Ghana. Scammer beware, you are so fucked.

Then this new one Valencia. Supposedly she wants me to open an account so she can deposit money so she can pay a phone bill. A person that cannot pay her own bils isnt worth being around. Why because she had some addiction problem and she wants someone to pay for stuff that she desires. Why do people scam, because they d0n’t care about other people. They just want everything from nothing.

I cannot fathom that, but learning about how people do the most intolerable things to others. So wrong……

She never knew…

I just love it when I tell a woman what I do for a living. And there she goes, off like a prom dress. Yes, I am a taxi driver. I am damn fucking proud of what I do for a living. I have met many fine people in this line of work. I don’t consider them passengers but actual new friends that I will be sharing more than just a ride but life experiences.

To the ladies, I meet in a bar or a club that walk away from me. You just lost a decent guy who is more than what he is….

They still trying to figure me out… :))

Since my last blog, I got somewhat of a promotion (or demotion as the other drivers at this company say). So these cats, I am working with are trying to figure me out. Well, I have that tendancy of keeping tight about my private life outside of work. It feels good to have them squirm and try to understand my frame of mind. It’s a form of mind games, I like to play with these people. With a few of these people, fuck most of them I have developed trust issues with these people. So my job is to transport medical cases to kidney centers, doctor appointments and the oh-so wonderful methadone clinics for 12 to 14 hrs a day. If they want to to know me, they have to understand my work ethic.

New Company same old rules

You realize that some things never change in New England. Piss poor attitudes and backstabbing galore. Not really my cup of tea. I feel that I want to try to teach these drivers to be better. But they are stuck in their own little world. Breaking old habits is something that is hard to do for anybody. I have broken a lot of bad habits and it took me a long time to do it. But They are no longer bad habits — but old memories by gone.

Some people in New England — especially Fall River and Providence are ‘stuck on stupid’. Not knowing that there is a actual world outside their own confines. It amazes me that narrow minded jackanapes think their shit don’t stink. Well excuse me, shit does stink and you are stepping into it totally!