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What now?

I have a test drive job that I am going to do this Friday. Which I am really stoked about it. This guy is giving me a chance to really prove myself as a driver. Something that I really need. I just need this boost in my confidence. ΛΦ


Today’s Interview

Well I went on an interview for a job, I felt it went very well. But the aunt of the owner may jinx my hopes of getting this job. But I am not worried. I know this company may give me a chance. I will hear from him within a week. This aunt knew my former employer at the taxicab company. But this is going to be a long waiting period. But I can wait. Wish me luck!

And this is why I don’t drink anymore…. (via Becoming Jennie)

Check out this new post by Jennie. It really hits home with me…..

It's funny how there will always be some hater that tries to bring you down. Someone who questions your integrity and capacity to be honest just because. I'm actually kind of grateful, because this is a very clear reason for me to continue not drinking. I turn into an icky, yucky, sloppy drunk girl when I drink, and someone here has gone to very long lengths to remind me of who I once was. So thank you…but fuck off. Those days are gone, and vid … Read More

via Becoming Jennie


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40 and looking for something…

My god, at my age I find it really hard to find a job. Employers want young people who don’t know what they are doing. So they can get paid squat. I find it kind of silly. If I was a business owner, I would actuallyt hire someone that actually has the expertise in a said industry and not someone who is actually ‘tabula rasa’. I have found something I am good at and love. No matter what people say, I find myself searching for that elusive job. It’s a uphill battle but I am marching on….

Cosmic questions….

I constantly ask myself this question. Being an asshole really gets you everything in the world or does it really keep you “under the bleachers” so to say? I really don’t know? It is one of those question that can’t be answered…Like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Blow Pop? 

It’s not rocket science but really, I know. I may not have that killer instinct, but I do have integrity in my life. I have done things wrong in my life to hurt myself and not others. I am still forgiving myself. But I developed something within myself that no one can take away. My faith in myself. 

Being an asshole like my former employer, doesn’t give the right to make others feels less than others. I remember he would call me up and tell me to get the ‘fatties’ at this building not even 1/4 mile away from the Hotel. Well one of the ladies is Asthmatic and the other has a foot problem. So picking them up and bringing them up the hill to the Hotel isn’t a problem. To him, the asshole, it isn’t worthwhile. Well to me it is worthy of my time. To build a great skyscraper, he have to a have a great foundation. It’s the same thing in business. Doing the little things, may seem to be horrific, but in the end 99.999% there is always something truly amazing.

It reminds me of when I started driving taxis in Rhode Island. I used to get a call from this lady. It was a $3.75 with a $0.25 tip. Not a problem. I would do that job faithfully for 3 years everyday. Then one day, she calls me. I was expecting to pick her up and do the short job. But she tells me, I am taking her to the casino about 40 miles away from where she lived. So when we got to the destination, she told me to wait for an hour so she could play cards and then take her back to her dungy apartment.  I thanked her. But she told me one of the nicest things anyone ever told me. “Darlin’, you are such a nice man. You go out of your way to take me such a short distance everyday and I give you such a little for it. But you always are there for people. That is why I can rely on you!”

Reliabilty has always been a cornerstone for my personality and ethical makeup. If I cannot be there for people. I feel I am not doing the right thing by myself. When I was working for my former employer. I would be there 7 days a week, 12 to 18 hours a day trying to make his busines better and prove to him that I am worthy of greater things. But to him that didn’t mean shit. But in my eyes, it truly meant something. I was willing to sacrifice my own happiness to make others feel good about me.


I was working for this guy for about 2 1/2 months. Driving a private car service. But I know there is something wrong from the get go.  He had two vehicles that were not properly sanctioned vehicles. I felt that what he was doing wrong and highly illegal. To him, he is not doing nothing wrong. Well he is… According to public officials he is doing what is the equivalent of a gypsy cab in New York City. I felt really wrong about it. Unfortunately, he let me and my buddy, Chris go for no reason at all. Well others have complained about his nefarious actions. But in a three day period, I had to decide to actually go down to the State offices and explain the officers on what he is doing wrong and how he let us go for no apparent reason at all. This is an example of doing the right thing…..

I am not trying to be the spiteful ex employee trying to get one over on a boss. There are others in the industry that are feeling the same way I am feeling about this guy. He is operating his business out of the legal parameters of industry standards. So people are sending in written complaints regarding his actions. So going down to the State Offices and sitting down and revealing the true colours of the management of company, makes these previous complaints by others actually hold water.

No one person is above it all. No matter what, there are laws that have to be respected and not tossed away which such moral disregard. I have worked too hard in my life to have someone ruin my good name as a driver in this State.