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Well it’s been actually seven months since I started working at the company. OMFG, this place is so over dramatic. That it needs a in-house therapist.

The owner, who I do have the utmost respect for. Just doesn’t really understand the industry itself. Even though her soon to be ex-husband handled all the day to day operation. She just really didn’t get her feet actually wet. She says she has an open door policy. Not really at all. I wanted to talk to her regarding something that happend. But she blew me off. Talk about her ‘open door’ policy. Her door is locked and no one can go in and see her about stuff. Great management skills.

Drivers. The drivers are somewhat… I mean bitches… They bitch about the smallest things. OMFG, they are grown men and women that worry about things that are so juvenile. We got people who have problems like a driver whose wife left him after 17 years of marriage. Gee, I wonder why? The guy is a drug addict. Then we have a guy who drinks little nips of whiskey in the taxicab. (Liner note: this guy was finally terminated after the owner smelled whiskey on his breath). Then all the drivers feel like they are getting ‘fucked’ over. Well they are getting fucked over due to the fact they are not doing their jobs and I am cleaning up. I come to work prepared and ready to work. The owner respects me for my Protestant Work Ethic.  Then there is the “Walrus”. A old trucker and member of the Teamsters. Who complains about everyone — especially me. I just keep to myself and do my job. Period… He spread this rumour that me and this female driver were messing around in the back of her taxicab one night. Total lie. First she was in a 11 year relationship with 2 little ones. And second, we were actually talking in her cab one night due to it was raining and she was worried about stuff. I just calmed her down and talked to her as a normal person. The Walrus, was fired due to his constant verbal diaherria. That was maybe about 2 months ago. He begged for his job back. The owner gave him his job back. That was a stupid mistake. Now that he is back and now working as driver and a dispatcher, all of our lives are a living hell. The owner unfortunately has her hands tied, due to the fact that 4 dispatchers have quit or got fired. So in a way she is scraping the bottom of the barrel. The Walrus has his favorite driver that he give primo jobs to. But not anymore. He might be getting his walking papers.

Then the dispatchers, they are a real piece of work. We got the one I call Laverne. She was the one I started working with when I joined the operation back in September. She and I had a mutual respect for each other. I always knew that she would be getting tired. By the time 10pm would roll around her voice would sound like Penny Marshall’s classic character Laverne DeFazio from Laverne & Shirley. Even though she was there for almost 2 years, she had the tendancy of forgetting where drivers were clearing and crisscross them. It was okay at first. But I pulled her aside and helped her get better in the logistical part of this job. About a month ago, she was sick and then never came back. No one has seen her.  Then there is the Chunky Cheerleader. Nice as pie, but ignorant as hell. She thinks she is all so fab. No one is perfect. Especially her. Drivers can’t take her seriously, due to her whiny, cheerleader like voice that is like nails on a chalkboard. One night a customer asked me, how old the dispatcher was I said about mid 30s. The customer though she was 12. Now that is funny as shit. But her level of ignorance is a bit too much these days. We got a new hire and she is just treating him with such disregard and disrespect at every turn. You can’t do that. Then last night she tried to pull that with me. But I called her on the phone and put her in her place without costing me to go home.

She has to remember, it’s the money that we generate that pays her wages. So she should be really kissing our asses instead of busting our chops for such stupid ass crap.

Seven months, problems galore. More bullshit. I just try to stay under the radar and do my job. End of Story…