The GATRA clients that I deal with are so freaking demanding. I somehow have to kiss their asses. If I don’t, they can call and tell them I cannot ride them. This is totally bullshit. These are people that are getting free rides to the Methadone clinic, dialysis centers and medical appointments. They get a little greedy! It is so wrong!

One client I used to pick up, one day demaded that I drive fast to her fat ass to her clinic and get her an iced coffee. I didn’t drive fast or get her an iced coffee. It isn’t in my mandate to do. She got mad, so she calls up the boss and tells her that I was speeding. Which was totally bullshit. Unfortunately, the owner who doesn’t back up her drivers believes the client. Now that is a load of bullshit. I hate to say this about this woman, she has no sense of honor to her employees, but to the allmighty dollar.

But the really screwed up thing is the company that gives us the work really wants to strip the company of all the work. So she is kissing the clients ass. Totally, wrong. Without the GATRA, this company could go under. Maybe, they need to loose everything and start over again. But nonetheless, GATRA clients have carte blanc to do anything they want.


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