Lying and cheating

I have been chatting with women online lately and most of these women want money. This is total bullshit. I know that these individuals are scamming me. But nonetheless, I am getting sick of the crap they are giving me. My message to them is get a fucking job and support yourself. I am not supporting you for no reason at all.

I know this one, Enny Douglas of New York. Supposedly her mother is getting an operation. She needs money to pay for it. You think I am going to get money. Not a snowball chance in hell. First and foremost, she doesn’t even exsist. I have done my investigation on her. There is no Enny listed in the national database or anywhere else in the world. Plus she called me on a telephone number based out of Ghana. Scammer beware, you are so fucked.

Then this new one Valencia. Supposedly she wants me to open an account so she can deposit money so she can pay a phone bill. A person that cannot pay her own bils isnt worth being around. Why because she had some addiction problem and she wants someone to pay for stuff that she desires. Why do people scam, because they d0n’t care about other people. They just want everything from nothing.

I cannot fathom that, but learning about how people do the most intolerable things to others. So wrong……


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41 and single. Looking to observe and try to change the world that is around me. So hopefully my words and observations will be read. So I will keep on fighting the good fight. View all posts by vastauniverse

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