Gonna get out of here!

I have had enough of the drama and bullshit of this company. I am employed by a woman who has no clue at all with this industry. I work with drivers who are little bitches in their own mind. All I am here to do is my job and these people. Grown men and women get up in arms if someone gets a decent job. Too much friggin drama for me to handle

Then we have this lazy ass mechanic, I will call him the Ginger Pillsbury Doughboy (sorry Pop n. Fresh). He gets a steady paycheck to repair the taxis. But his workmanship isn’t that good. I had a problem with my normal vehicle. It was hesistating. From my own experiences with cars and taxi meters after a while the wire corrodes and shorts out the car. I left 10 requisition notices for him to replace this 4 foot piece of wire. It was 9 weeks to the first day I noticed this problem and put it in. Then yesterday, the turn signal switch needs to be fixed. I was up at the office and told him what the problem is. “Well at least you have a job and a working car!” To me that is just being a real asshole or just being a lazy fuck… You pay for what you get!

Well, I have the day off to relax and figure things out. c’ya!


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41 and single. Looking to observe and try to change the world that is around me. So hopefully my words and observations will be read. So I will keep on fighting the good fight. View all posts by vastauniverse

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