I actually saw good things coming from this company that I am working for. But that vanished as quick as possible. It amazes me how one court order is making the owner not really take things really serious.

Whenever I need to tell her something, she just gives me the lip service. Talk about a used car saleperson. I honestly feel what she said to us in the drivers meeting about 6 months ago was to stroke our egos. Talk about a real car salesman. “I will give you the stars and the moon if I have to!”

Yeah, and where is the stuff that you promised us. 6 months and the company has turned a profit. But you haven’t followed through on your promises.

Way to go, lady!


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41 and single. Looking to observe and try to change the world that is around me. So hopefully my words and observations will be read. So I will keep on fighting the good fight. View all posts by vastauniverse

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